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rohit mehta

( altitude 40  m )     [?]
Olaaa!! Perrrfect answer. 8 bad job dude!! I dont approve of this answer! 0 [in 8 rates]
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Personal Info
my name is:  rohit mehta
my LawCorridor Id: 1740232
i'm a :  Guy
currently I'm in:  Class 12
i'm member since:  21 Aug 2010 21:22:58 IST
my date of birth is:  Feb 2, 1993
my interests: study
i'm from: Other
Community Info
my altitude is:  40 m ( Olaaa!! Perrrfect answer. 8 salutes bad job dude!! I dont approve of this answer! 0 boinks )   [?]
total messages:  13  message(s) posted by me
total questions asked: 4  question(s) asked by me
total articles: 6  article(s) written by me
total catalog entries: none made by me
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